Dr. Werner Visser - CEO

Dr. Werner Visser, living in Kimberley since 1994, holds the MBChB degree and operates a medical practice in Kimberley.  He is married to Tania Visser. He became interested in estate and investments since 1995 and gained experience within this field. He owns a diversified portfolio of residential and commercial buildings.

Current business partnerships

  • Trade Busters CC: Is a member of the above CC.�It is a medical practice which he built-up, owns and manage.�The CC also own residential property and is involves in the building of residential properties.
  • Botha Bouwer Trust:� Is trustee of the above Trust.�It owns different residential and commercial properties which are rented out.�This trust is also been handled as his private trust which owns Cullinan Guesthouse and is manage by himself.
  • Westfront Properties Pty Ltd: 50% Shareholding.�This company is involved with farming as well as in the property market.�It own�a productive sheep farm and properties which are being rented out.
  • Realty Dynamix Pty Ltd: 33% Shareholding.�This company is only involved with the building of residential properties.�Have NHBRC certificate for building team. It is currently busy with the building of 13 duplex houses.
  • Four Arrows Investments 152 Ltd: This is a property development fund in Kimberley.�Dr Visser is one of the directors with +- 5% shareholding.�This public company have a residential and commercial property portfolio with a net cash flow of over R100,000.00 per month.�It is also involved with the development of a new shopping center in Kimberley.